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About BackTrakz


BackTrakz is a small business that my brother and I started just over a year ago. My brother (Tyler) is a total speaker nerd and has built countless speaker/subwoofer boxes that are all finely tuned and sound flawless. He built his first speaker backpack early in 2016 because he wanted a way to listen to music at lunch and charge his phone at school. The backpack was LOUD but also very bulky and just not all that functional for school use because you could only fit one binder into the bag. I saw how unique his invention was and that there was nothing else like it, so I convinced him to design and build a new model that was still loud but more functional than his first one. Thus the BackTrakz Mk.I was born, featuring three speakers on either side and a built in phone charger. These bags were awesome, incredibly loud but still somewhat bulky and extremely difficult to build. With a TON of support from friends and family, we were able to sell every single bag that we made. However, we couldn't stop there... We had new ideas for the next line of speaker backpacks, perfecting our last design in every way that we could. Bringing us to the current model BackTrakz Mk.II and we couln't be more excited about their release. We thank you for your interest in our invention and please spread the word! We are a very small company but with all your help, there's no limits to what BackTrakz can become!


MK. II -

Portable, functional, and beautiful. These are hands down the best looking backpacks that we have ever made. Though they don't get quite as loud as the previous model, these bags are more focused on design and sound clarity. Unlike the last line of bags, there is no speaker distortion when played at max volume. The components on the speaker box are all flush mount, giving the box a very clean and professional look to it. The top and front face are made from poplar wood that is hand stained and glossed. The gloss gives the box a durable seal and looks shiny/smooth. Each box takes hours upon hours to built and even long ot properly stain, but the finished product is a masterpiece.



There isn't a better speaker backpack on the market. Please, look for yourself! Our competition can't even come close... This is the first TRUE speaker backpack. Not a turtle shell you strap to your back with no storage space. Nor is it a backpack with a detachable speaker system in it... throw a Beats Pill into a backpack you already own and you've got the same thing. No speakers pointing backwards here, you're the one that wants to hear the music not the people behind you! BackTrakz stands apart from the rest because it incorporates a speaker system that is fully integrated into the backpack. Fully rechargable and compact, there is still plenty of room for anything you wish to carry. There is one speaker on each side of you, allowing you to hear music that is very clear, distortion free, and it feels like the music is surrounding you. So the next time you're in the market for a unique portable speaker, keep BackTrakz in mind.


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