Choose your style

Panda - White

- Black backpack

- White tolex wrap

- White speaker grills

Carbon Fiber - Blue

- Black backpack

-Carbon fiber tolex wrap

-Blue speaker grills

Carbon Fiber - Red

- Black backpack

- Carbon fiber tolex wrap

- Red speaker grills

Only 1 Mk.II available

- Built in USB charger

-Hardwood finish

- Large battery

BackTrakz is changing the way you listen to music on the move with our one of a kind speaker backpacks! A LOUD and compact speaker system allows you to listen to your favorite music on any adventure while allowing plenty of storage for all your accessories. These bags are the perfect blend of style and function. Don't just listen to music, Live it!



Light weight

Carry your BackTrakz backpack around with ease! The entire bag weighs just under 5 pounds thanks to its durable yet lite speaker box.

Loud and proud

A powerful 1.5" driver is on either side of the backpack giving the sense of surround sound while wearing it. Plus it can easily top 100db.

Designed with space in mind

We made our powerful speaker box as small as possible so it wouldn't take up too much storage space in the bag. There is plenty of room for a school day or trip to the beach.

Custom orders! Let us help you create a backpack thats perfect for you.


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