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BackTrakz is changing the way you listen to your music on the move! Our rechargable speaker backpacks are the perfect bags for school, a day by the beach, or any other adventures you might go on. Each bag features a built in USB port that can charge your device for over 4 hours so you'll never have to worry about your phone dying on you again. With a speaker on both sides of you and plenty of room for all your necesities, BackTrakz are portable, functional, and stylish.


Custom orders! Let us help you create a backpack thats perfect for you.

Yes... They look as good as they sound!

How we outshine the rest.

Custom Finish

Smooth and Shiny


Built with Poplar wood that is hand stained and glossed. Giving each box a very durable, unique, and absolutely gorgeous finish to it.

flushmount Hardware

Clean cut 


Our flushmount hardware provides a seal for our electronics and looks flawless.


Live in the music


It's like being in a music video everywhere you go! With a 1.5" driver on either side, you feel surrounded by the music. Clear, crisp, loud, and a nice little bump from the bass

Music to the masses

Take your favorite songs with you while you bike, skate, or hike! Combining a backpack with a powerful speaker system and phone charger, this bag is the perfect companion for all your adventures. All wrapped up into one package, forget the nuisance of carrying around your bulky speaker box and battery pack.



The backpack is rechargable and each speaker box is built with a powerful lithium ion battery that can keep the music playing all day long. 


Our brand new speaker boxes are even more compact and lighter than our previous models. Whether it be a stressful day at school or a relaxing trip to the beach, there is plenty of room for all your necesities.

USB Charger

Phone died and you aren't home? Not a problem! Each backpack comes equiped with a USB port that can charge your device for over 4 hours.

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